Description du projet:
Crypto.INC is, like its name shows it, a clicker game based on cryptocurrency.
The main goal is basically to click as much as possible, with the hope to see your crypto-wallet getting bigger, but that's not all !
In this game, you live in an alternative universe where real money does not exist anymore, and only cryptocurrency still has a value,
but the monetary freedom has also been destroyed by a one and only bank which control the global finance and which prohibited mining any part of this cryptocurrency to keep its authority.
You step into the shoes of a hacker who will connect illegally inside the servers of this bank without being spotted, to mine this currency and to fight against this empire.

To do so, you'll have to buy buildings, bigger and bigger, like apartments, houses and much more wich will increase the mining capacity
and will bring money automatically, even when you are offline* !
*the offline mode will work in the form of batteries used for mining, they have a capacity of one hour but they can be combined, with the possibility of buying some to add more.
The amount collected will still be less than the one collected for the same period of time when the game is launched.
In addition to the buildings that improve the efficiency of automayic mining, you will also have the possibility to increase the amount of money that you mine manually as well as various structures to increase your financial empire.

If you ever feel after a long moment of play that you can't evolve anymore and that you think it will be longer and longer, think again! The prestige system is there for that!
It will allow you to start over from scratch but with a higher revenue rate and many other advantages provided you are already well advanced in the current game.
If you want money easier and faster, an untouchable currency exists, but it is only obtainable against a part of your goods such as your time by watching advertisements,
or by buying it with your real wallet, which can also be used to obtain a chest that will see its virtual value for each item obtained, but which will keep the same price, this is the opportunity to get a good deal!
This currency will be used to buy special buildings and improvements that will help you during your entire experience, they will not be deleted when activating a new prestige.

The system of quests and achievements that will be put in will add many goals to the game and will permit to earn more money faster by finishing them.
Finally, you can play both on Smartphone (Android only) and on PC, with no difference in gameplay thanks to a cross platform system.

So, So, let's mining!

Date de début: Juillet 2019

Date de fin:

Etat de création:
In progress


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