Maj Alpha 1.4

Many changes !
Added 41 resources, armor, weapons including 31 craftable! By cons the recipes are surely not balanced ...
Complete overhaul of the backup system, you can not use yours anymore.
Adding various sounds
The weapons and armor have levels, it is necessary to reach this level to be able to use it.
The knife and the gun have a cooldown (2 and 6 seconds)
Adding a success system, you have the list on the menu!
You can no longer pass the zone with the M key
Additions of 4 new monsters, they appear little by little while advancing in the game (for now we only make the difference by their names above their heads)
Added a safe to save the weapons, resources and armor you created, however it is useless because you only have one life.
The tutorial is not finished yet but is being created

Important: following the redesign of backup system, it may be that the game bug after the update, if it is the case delete the game folder and download it here :

Créer le: 07/09/2018