[Dev-Blog] Week 6 august 2018

A short recap of this hot week of heat wave;).
Despite the heat I worked a lot on the game, to start I add a loading time after the use of a care box (1s), the weapon launched (2s) and the weapon at lights (6s).
 The loading times are likely to change when balancing that our dear game designer will make in due course.
Then, I implement the system that will allow the game to know which monster among the bestiary will appear depending on the zone.
I did not implement this feature for nothing because I created 5 more monsters: the zombie dog, the zombie sprinter, the barbed zombie, the military zombie and the white-weapon zombie. These monsters are for the moment a visual copy of the basic zombie while waiting for our graphic designer to perform miracles, their only differences are their characteristics (life, speed, damage, pts of xp given). These monsters are already implemented in game.

That's all for this week because this weekend is the Ludum dare 42!

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